Why is the time after dragging the task the same as the previous one?

The purpose of dragging is to change the sort.

Sometimes there are overlapping needs, such as the task of the meeting, and the items to be discussed in the meeting. There may be other tasks behind, such as task A is 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock, task B is 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock, if you drag a task C to the middle of A and B, sort by the rule of duration , C should be the beginning of A after the end? Still before the start of the B mission? Or did it start directly after B? Doesn't that affect the original meaning of dragging?

If the A task is from 11 o'clock in the evening to 1 o'clock in the next day, drag C to the back of A, will it automatically move to tomorrow? This will cause the task to suddenly disappear on the day, which will cause more trouble, right?

Many times our tasks will overlap, and multiple tasks may occur simultaneously during the same time period. After dragging the task and adjusting the task according to the duration, it is better to keep the same time as the previous task, so it is more convenient to adjust the time.