Auto Schedule

Auto Schedule helps you put together a plan with just a few taps. This article gives a brief overview. For a more detailed explanation, see the In-App Guides or visit Auto schedule

To use Auto Schedule:

  1. Drag and drop the Tasks you wish to schedule into the order in which you want to work on them.
  2. Optionally add a duration to those Tasks which are likely to take longer than a default of say 10-15 minutes. (Tasks without a set duration will be default to 15 minutes.)
    1. Event is used to block time
    2. Task set duration will be considered first
    3. Then follow the configuration at Auto Schedule screen
    4. Use the default duration (15 mins) for the rest of tasks
  3. Use Magic Select to select the Tasks you wish to schedule, then tap the three white dots at the bottom of the screen (next to ‘Date’) and choose Auto schedule from among the available options. (Partial Auto Schedule)
  4. In the Auto schedule window, choose the start time for the schedule, i.e. the time you want to set for the first Task in your selection.
  5. Tap Next and optionally choose a Buffer between items and/or set an assumed duration for those Tasks for which no duration is explicitly set. (The Buffer is handled separately from the setting of duration. It is the time between two items.)
  6. Tap Start to perform the auto-scheduling.