This article gives a brief overview of the Reorganize feature. For a more detailed explanation, see the In-App Guides or visit Reorganize

A big Task is often made up of many smaller tasks, and an efficient way to manage such a Task in Sorted³ is to use checkbox items in the Notes field of a Task to list all the smaller tasks. But what happens if the Task becomes too unwieldy and you want to break it down into smaller pieces? Sorted³ has an easy way to reorganize the Task:

  1. With the task expanded, tap the three dots at bottom right, then choose Reorganize.
  2. You can now drag and drop each item in the checklist (or even text paragraphs) by tapping its handle at the left side, either to reorder it, or to split it out into a new Task by dragging it to the grey box at the bottom of the screen.
    1. Move multi-paragraphs at a time
    2. Use Magic Select to select multiple paragraphs
    3. Drag the handle on the left to drag them all to the bottom area
  3. Click Done to save your edit. Any items you have dragged to a new task will appear under the task you have been editing (with the same List and Tags selection, together with other configs like start time, duration, early alert, etc.)

Reorganize only works when description is available.