Setting a date and time for a Task or Event

By default new Tasks are created without a set date or time. New Events are by default set to today’s date but without a specific time.

To set a date, in the expanded Task or Event window, tap on the ‘Set date’ icon. Use the horizontal date scroller to choose a date, or tap the calendar icon at the bottom of the window to show a calendar picker.

To set a time, toggle the ‘Anytime’ switch above the horizontal date scroller to Off, and you will see the time scroller below. You can scroll the hours and minutes to the exact time you want, and you can use the Morning, Afternoon and Evening buttons at the bottom to jump to one of the predefined times (which can be customised by going to Settings -> Time).

Another way to toggle 'Anytime' is by tapping on the time below.

Click Done to save, or Clear to start again. (Clear also means resetting the time or setting to Someday.)