Repeating Tasks

There are two ways in which you can set Tasks to repeat, after completion or regularly. To set either, tap on the date below the Lists and Tags in the expanded Task window, then on the Repeat symbol at bottom right. Tap on Add to set up a new repeat. By default you will see the Regularly tab.


By default the setting is every day starting from today. You can change the number of days and the frequency (day, week, month or year) by scrolling the number and frequency picker.

If you wish to repeat on certain days of the week, choose ‘week’ in the scroller, and tap to select the day(s) you want in the ‘On Days’ list below.

If you wish to repeat on certain days of the month, choose ‘month’ in the scroller. You can have three tabs:

In all the above cases you also have the option to choose 

  1. the Start date - by default set to today, but you can choose another date by tapping the date and using the scrolling date picker
  2. the Time - by default set to Anytime, but you can choose a time by tapping Anytime and choose the time in the 'At Time' tab
  3. the End of the repeat - by default set to Never, but you can choose either to end on a particular date, or after a precise number of occurrences, by tapping 'Never' and using the 'On Date' or 'After' tab.

After Completion

This repeat method creates a copy of the task on a particular date AFTER you mark the currently active task as completed.

Tap the After Completion tab in the Repeat window and set the number of days, weeks, months or years after which you want the next instance of the Task to be created.

Use the Time option below to set the time if needed.