Issue of crash while launching Sorted³ for macOS v3.6.X

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Please follow the steps below to delete the data and settings of the old version:

  1. Follow the steps of "Settings-iCloud" in Sorted³ to turn off iCloud sync
  2. Open "Finder"
  3. Click "Go-Go to Folder" in turn on the left side of the menu bar at the top of the screen (or use the shortcut key ⌘+⇧+G)
  4. Paste the characters below
~/Library/Group Containers/

5. Select all files and folders to delete all data

6. Open Sorted³ again, and follow the steps in "Settings-iCloud" to re-open iCloud sync and make sure that the most recent sync time is a few seconds ago

The following is a video demo:

Contact us

If you cannot find the folder, or have anything else, please follow the steps of "Settings-Contact Us" in Sorted³ to send us an email (please do not delete the information and files automatically generated in the email). After receiving the email, we will send you a new available version.

Published date: 2023.04.10

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