How should I make a suggestion or feature request?

The growth and improvement of Sorted³ is inseparable from the real experience and sincere voice of the majority of users. We welcome your suggestions and feature requests to us at any time. In order to understand your ideas better, and to help us effectively record and discuss, please provide the following information as much as possible.

Please note: This article is only for reference, not all suggestions or feature requests need to be reported to us in full accordance with the following requirements. In order to improve communication efficiency, we recommend that you provide as much relevant information as possible according to the following requirements when you contact us for the first time, so as not to waste your precious time by collecting information from you again in subsequent email exchanges.


Feature request

Contact us

Please follow the steps of "Settings-Contact Us" in Sorted³ to send an email to us (please do not delete the files and information automatically generated in the email).

Published date: 2023.04.10

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