Keyboard shortcuts for macOS (iPadOS)

Based on macOS's App design specifications and Mac operating logic, when we designed Sorted³ for macOS, we gave powerful functions to keyboard operations. You can use keyboard shortcuts to control Sorted³ for macOS (iPadOS), the following is a list of shortcuts:

Create items

New task⌘ N
New event⌘ E
Create new above this item⇧ ⌘ ↩
Create new below this item⌘ ↩

Edit items

Open selected item
Save item⌘ S
Set the date⌘ D
Set the duration⇧ ⌘ D
Set the list⌘ L
Set the tag⌘ T
Mark as completed⌘ K
Mark as canceled⌥ ⌘ K

Edit format and content

Heading 1⌥ ⌘ 1
Heading 2⌥ ⌘ 2
Checklist⌘ 8
Bullet⌘ *
Attachment⌘ I
Highlight⇧ ⌘ H
Bold⌘ B
Underline⌘ U
Strikethrough⌘ -
Move the paragraph up one line⌘ ▲
Move the paragraph dow one line⌘ ▼
Undo⌘ Z
Redo⇧ ⌘ Z
Cut⌘ X
Copy⌘ C
Paste⌘ V
Paste and match style⌥ ⇧ ⌘ V
Select all⌘ A
Emoji & symbolsfn E
Start dictation (needs permission)fn D

Move and adjust items

Move focus up
Move focus down
Copy item⌥ D
Lock⌥ ⌘ L
Reorganize⌃ ⌥ R
Merge⌥ M
Auto schedule⌃ A
Delete selected item

Time Ruler

Toggle Time Ruler (selected one first)space
+1 hour⌘ ▲
-1 hour⌘ ▼
+5 minutes⇧ ⌘ ▲
-5 minutes⇧ ⌘ ▼
Select all⌘ A
Multi-select from this item upwards⇧ ▲
Multi-select from this item downwards⇧ ▼


Expanded item
Collapse itemesc
Show all tabs⇧ ⌘ \
Inbox⌘ 1
Schedule⌘ 2
Lists⌘ 3
Tags⌘ 4
History⌘ 5
Trash⌘ 6
Timeline⌃ I
Filter by list⌃ F
Filter by tag⌃ T
Hide/show details⌃ D
Show/hide sidebar⌃ ⌘ S
Full screenfn F


Today⇧ T
Tomorrow⌘ ►
Next week⌘ ▼
Last week⌘ ▲
Next month⇧ ⌘ ►
Last month⇧ ⌘

Universal control

New window of Sorted³⌃⌘N
Close the window of Sorted³⌘W

Published date: 2023.04.10

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