đŸ”¥ Sorted³ calendar integration feature not available in macOS Sonoma

This article only applies to the problem that the calendar cannot automatically obtain all authorizations after updating macOS Sonoma.

If you find that your event does not show up on another device, please click here for support.


macOS Sonoma provides new privacy permission settings, including authorization for calendar permissions. Therefore, we need to adapt Sorted³ to make the calendar integration function work properly. However, Apple updated the development tools, which prevented us from properly packaging the software to be updated. As a result, we were unable to release a new version of Sorted³ for macOS, and we were unable to solve the calendar integration problem. To this day, we are still stuck in this impasse. Calendar integration, which we offer free to Sorted³ users, has been well-received since its release and more and more users are using calendar-related features in Sorted³, so we take this incident stemming from Apple’s developer tools very seriously. To this end, in addition to our daily development work, we have additionally developed a new independent macOS version directly using the latest development tools to solve the calendar integration issue in a special way. While it's not a perfect solution, we hope to provide you with a solution using calendar integration with this new app.

General Solution

This option only applies to some users who were using Sorted³ before updating to macOS Sonoma, and may apply to a small number of others. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open System Settings App by clicking on  in the upper left corner of your screen.
  2. Open "Privacy & Security" and then click "Calendar".
  3. Find Sorted³ in "Calendar", make sure it's turned on, and click "Options" on the far right.
  4. In "Options", select "Full Calendar Access" and then select "Exit Sorted³ and Reopen" and Sorted³ will restart automatically
  5. Open the Sorted³ App, go to Calendar Settings of Sorted³, and re-check the calendars you want to manage in Sorted³.

Please note: If you are unable to fix the calendar integration issue with the "General Solution", please wait for Apple to update the development tools so that we can package the new version normally, or try the "Special Solution" below.

Special Solution

If you want to try the "Special Solution", please contact Customer Service according to the following requirements and apply to an independent Sorted App (Beta) we developed specifically for calendar integration issues, install and use:

  1. Follow the steps in "Settings - Contact Us" in Sorted³ to send an email to customer service and tell us in the text that you would like to try a "Special Solution"
  2. Receive confirmation email from customer service
  3. Go to the App Store on your Mac, download and install the TestFlight App
  4. Check the email inbox you received this email from for a TestFlight invitation email sent by Apple
  5. Click "Accept Invitation" in the TestFlight invitation email 在 TestFlight
  6. Check out the “Sorted Vanilla” app in TestFlight App, then get and install it

Please note: 

※ Since this app has not been tested extensively and time-tested, it may still have the same problems/issues as any other app in the beta stage, so please understand.
※ Since this app is developed independently, it is temporarily unable to synchronize data with Sorted³ through iCloud, and unable to use the backup function to restore data.

Published date: 2024.01.28

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