What are the prices and related policies of Sorted³?

Using Sorted³ for free

The basic features of Sorted³ are free to use forever, so you don't have to pay to experience the uniqueness of Sorted³. If you need more powerful PRO features, you can unlock them for a fee to experience the full power of Sorted³.

Payment models of Sorted³

One-time payment model

Sorted³ has a one-time payment model and does not support a subscription model. You can pay once to unlock all PRO features and use Sorted³ on multiple devices with the same system at the same time.

Separate purchase of PRO for macOS

PRO for macOS requires you to purchase it separately. You can use Sorted³ on multiple Macs after you paid for it (requires macOS 10.15 or higher, click here to learn how to confirm your macOS version).

PRO for iOS supports both iOS and iPadOS, so you can use Sorted³ on all your iPhones and iPads after you paid for it.

If you buy the PRO for iOS+macOS Bundle, you can get a better price than if you buy them separately.

Benefit Program

We offer a Benefit Program for students, educators, employees of NGO, and Apple employees who want to purchase PRO.

If you are a/an student or educator, please click here to fill out an application on our website and upload your proof of identity.

If you are an employee of NGO, please click here to fill out an application on our website and upload your proof of identity.

If you are an Apple employee, please visit the People website and apply with the relevant introduction.

We offer a Benefit Program that purchase Pro for another OS for the user who have purchased Pro for iOS only or Pro for macOS only previously. If your experience fits the description, please open Sorted³ on the device where you have unlocked PRO, and follow the steps of "Settings-Contact Us" to send an email for application (please do not delete the automatically generated files and information in the email).

Family Sharing

You may be able to share your purchased PRO with your family members through Family Sharing, please click here to learn more.

Free trial of PRO

You can try Pro for free on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. We offer a free trial of PRO on all devices for up to 28 days, which you can extend by 14 days after the first 14-day free trial ends. All free trials expire at the end of the maximum period and cannot be extended or requested again.

All trials are free of charge. After the trial ends, you can decide for yourself whether or not to purchase Pro. Sorted³ will not automatically charge or automatically purchase Pro after the free trial ends.


Sorted³ is available worldwide, you can see the prices for your country or region in Sorted³ by following the steps of "Settings - Get Pro".

Pro Features

Please click here to read the details of the Pro feature.

Published date: 2023.04.10

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