How should I report a bug?

We need your feedback, and the improvement of Sorted³ needs your feedback. We are very happy and appreciate for your feedback to us so that we can fix and improve it as soon as possible.

Please note: This article is only for reference, not all bugs need to be reported to us in full accordance with the following requirements. In order to improve communication efficiency, we recommend that you provide as much relevant information as possible according to the following requirements when you contact us for the first time, so as not to waste your precious time by collecting information from you again in subsequent email exchanges.

Required information

Follow the steps of "Settings-Export Diagnostic Report" in Sorted³ to get it. If you send an email according to the following contact information, it will be automatically generated.

Including the date/time of the first occurrence, duration, how often, what kind of operation can be triggered, the performance of the problem when it occurs, the impact of the problem, and other information that needs to be supplemented.

Please record a video of your complete operation as much as possible to show us how to trigger the issue. If the bug you are experiencing is not necessary to record a video, please provide a screenshot.

If you encounter a crash, please follow the prompts in the pop-up window to generate a crash report and save it properly, and then send it to us.

You can also click here to learn how to find the crash report of Sorted³.

Optional information

Why do we need the information

Understand the situation

In some cases, you did not actually encounter the bug. We can judge the nature of the situation on the basis of the collected information, and it may be usage problems due to misunderstanding.

Quick troubleshooting

Like you, we hope to use the shortest time to troubleshoot bug, save your time and improve efficiency. When you give us feedback for the first time, we collect as much information as possible, it will help us understand the bug more quickly and comprehensively.

Reproduce the bug

This is the prerequisite for fixing it. We need as much information as possible, especially videos or screenshots, to help us understand the bug intuitively so that we can reproduce the error you encountered on the devices of the technical team. This is very important to fix it or give you advice.

Personal privacy

Your personal privacy is very important, we will not collect your privacy illegally. We will collect device and app operating information for troubleshooting purposes only under the requirements of Apple specifications and related legal documents. They do not include personal privacy such as task details. You can safely send us the information we need.

You can click here to learn more about the privacy policy of Sorted³.

Contact us

Please follow the steps of "Settings-Contact Us" in Sorted³ to email us. Please do not delete the automatically generated information and files in the mail (you need to set up the Apple Mail app before).

Published date: 2023.04.10

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